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    Bankruptcy Representation
    Hi, my name is T. R. Weaver and I am a bankruptcy attorney. After obtaining my degree from Stetson College of Law, I found myself in a financial bind and stressed out like many working professionals do. Student loans, credit cards, rent, car payments and other bills continued to consume my personal life, and I began to feel overwhelmed by the debt that was accumulating. I researched and consulted with an attorney about my options in...
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    Immigration Representation
    Practicing law and representing clients facing Immigration and deportation issues, can be challenging process, but also a very rewarding one. The Immigration process requires an Attorney to have a tremendous amount of patience with a client and their families. Therefore, I encourage people to seriously explore their Immigration options with me. Call and consult with us about your options and have a peace of mind moving forward in your life. Know your options; Take control of your next chapter in life!...

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